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Hospital Services


Some patients will require hospitalization for monitoring, oxygen therapy, intravenous fluids, and diabetes testing. Many of our hospitalized patients can be effectively treated during normal daytime hours. We do not provide after hours after hours care or care on Sundays. If required, complete transfer of medical records can be provided to a 24-hour emergency and critical care facility.

We are also proud to provide a completely sanitized isolation ward to accommodate animals with potentially contagious conditions separated from other patients. This allows for safer hospitalization of all patients!

General Surgery

Surgery and general anesthesia are intimidating to most pet owners. We are proud to say that we do everything possible to minimize the risks or pain associated with these procedures. Through pre-anesthetic blood testing, IV catheters to support blood pressure and the internal organs, the custom use of high-quality human anesthetics and meticulous intra-operative monitoring, we can provide the safest and highest quality services to our furry friends.

All pets should be spayed or neutered at six months of age. We are proud to provide this service, along with a variety of other surgical procedures. These include bladder stone removal, internal organ biopsy, mass removal/biopsy, intestinal foreign body removal, stomach tacking (gastropexy) for animals predisposed to “bloat”, laceration repair, and MANY others!

Scottsdale Vet Services General Surgery
Scottsdale Vet Services Spay/Neuter


People often wonder WHY we recommend spaying or neutering your pet? There are many reasons. In females, advantages of this procedure include:

  • No vaginal bleeding or heat cycles
  • No unwanted pregnancy or puppies
  • No chance of pyometra (a life-threatening uterine infection- this is very common in dogs)
  • A marked reduction in the incidence of breast cancer (after 3+ heat cycles, 1 in 4 dogs will develop breast cancer)

In males, advantages of this procedure include:

  • Decreased tendency to roam. Our most common dogs that come in hit-by-car are un-neutered males
  • No unwanted pregnancy or puppies
  • 100% prevention of testicular cancer
  • A marked decrease in prostate disease
  • Decreased urine marking/ urine odor

The MAIN reason that I recommend spaying/neutering your pet is to help control pet over-population- literally millions of unwanted pets have to be euthanized every year in shelters.

Dentistry & Digital Dental X-ray

Did you know that 70% of dogs and cats have periodontal disease by 4 years of age? Routine and daily brushing is highly recommended, but sometimes it is difficult for owners. Maintenance can also be enhanced with oral rinses, enzyme-treated rawhide chews, and proper nutrition. Even with these tools, most dogs and cats require some veterinary care. Most of our major problems are found deep under the gums.

With our patients calmly anesthetized and carefully monitored, dental cleanings help us find and treat tartar, plaque and periodontal disease. This service includes probing and cleaning under the gums, x-rays of the roots and bones, and removal of tartar and polishing of teeth. Extraction of abscessed/fractured or otherwise painful teeth can also be performed at the same visit. “Teeth Cleanings” provide by other facilities are considered to be practicing veterinary medicine without a license and are illegal. Our veterinarian can easily provide a FREE dental evaluation before anesthesia to let you know your options for your pet’s oral health. Please inquire about our services any time!

Scottsdale Vet Services Dentistry & Digital Dental X-ray
Scottsdale Vet Hospital Services

Daytime Emergency

Most people and dogs would prefer to stay out of the emergency room, but problems can occur at any time. Injuries, cuts, limps, vomiting, diarrhea, hot spots and many more problems happen suddenly and require immediate attention. If anything ever happens, please call and head immediately to the hospital. Our patients will be evaluated by the veterinarian or a certified veterinary technician and seen as soon as possible. The state of the art equipment, facilities, and a highly trained team make McDowell Mountain Animal Hospital ready for almost any emergency.

IV Fluid Therapy

Many medical conditions require hospitalization on IV fluids, such as kidney disease, diabetes, viral infections, pancreatitis, or dehydration. Our hospital is equipped with a state of the art hospitalization area for daytime care.

Human-grade Anesthesia

Our doctors are proud to provide human grade anesthesia on every surgery or dental procedure at the hospital. Many advancements have been made over the past 25 years in medical safety and we are proud to adhere to the most advanced and safest standards. Our doctors and technicians attend yearly educational seminars and continue to strive to provide the most advanced care possible for your pets.

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