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Wellness Exams

Regular Examinations

Regular examinations and wellness testing are vital to the maintenance of healthy lives. Many diseases can be detected prior to the onset of any outward signs! Our pets age, on average, 6 times as fast as we do—so one year can equal 5-7 years for your pet. We highly recommend wellness exams yearly for pets less than 6 years and twice yearly for animals over 7 years of age.

At these visits, testing can be tailored for your individual pet’s medical needs. Items that will be discussed may include blood panels, fecal parasite screening, heartworm screening and prevention, glaucoma testing, baseline radiography, early renal screening and many more services.


All puppies and kittens need vaccinations to prevent deadly and painful infectious diseases. Each vaccine is carefully selected by the veterinarian for safety and efficacy. Once completed, these vaccinations are 100% guaranteed to be effective Veterinary medicine has found through extensive research, many of our quality vaccines can provide immunity that lasts 3-5 years!

Heartworm Screening and Prevention

Heartworm is a blood parasite that is transmitted by mosquitoes. The larvae are injected by mosquito bites and the worms grow in the delicate blood vessels of the lungs and heart. Dogs show NO SYMPTOMS until the heart/lungs are already compromised! In the past 10-15 years, we have seen the numbers of mosquitoes rising in the Valley.

The number of dogs who travel to the Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and even California is also increasing. All of these factors are allowing this deadly disease into our Valley of the Sun. Regular screening and monthly (yummy) preventative tablets are an easy and convenient way to protect our pets. Please let us know if you need heartworm prevention—it is available in 6 or 12-month supplies.

Scottsdale Vet Services Vaccinations
Scottsdale Vet Services Parasite Testing

Parasite Testing

Our pets are exposed to skin mites, ear mites, fleas, ticks, worms (intestinal and other kinds), ringworm (actually a fungal infection) and many other “bugs” that occur in the environment. That is why regular examinations and screening tests are important. We tailor your pet’s wellness visits to their lifestyle and recommend routine testing for common ailments if needed. You can see each of these tests in detail in our “Diagnostics” page.

Vaccine Titers

At McDowell Mountain Animal Hospital we are proud to be able to provide an alternative to annual vaccinations for our adult patients. Vaccine titers are simple blood tests that can check for the antibodies that provide protection from the deadly diseases that are prevented by the vaccines. Please ask about your many options at your next visit!

Allergy Treatment

Unfortunately, just like people, our pets suffer from allergies. The one main difference is that the most common symptoms in dogs and cats is seen as itchy or reddened skin! Allergies are caused by a variety of things including foods (like meats or grains), pollens (from trees, flowering plants, and grasses), and even direct contact with normal objects (like grass, wool, or even plastics). It is very difficult to deduce what the cause can be. We are happy to offer diagnostic testing that can lead us to understand and treat this uncomfortable condition. During our allergy consultations, the doctors discuss all options and how we can provide relief to your pets.


The skin is the single largest organ in the body. Our pets’ skin and coat are very important to their overall health. Skin mites, infections, abrasions, allergies, immune-mediated disorders, or even cancer can be detected with a thorough exam. Pet owners are usually the first to notice hair loss, lumps, bumps or rashes. Be sure to check your pet regularly and report any problems to the veterinarian.

Scottsdale Vet Services Allergy Treatment
Scottsdale Vet Services Cardiology


Pets are living longer and happier lives, thanks to wonderful advancements in care. The heart is one of the most important organs in the body, working tirelessly, 24 hours a day to pump life throughout the body. Our doctors are trained to diagnose, treat and monitor many cardiac conditions. We even have access to board certified cardiologists in the area that can provide advanced testing- such as cardiac ultrasound.

Low-Anxiety Options

Many pets, just like people, are nervous about going to the vet. We understand that it can be an intimidating place! We can offer medications, given under the supervision of a doctor, to help ease your pet’s visit. Please ask about this option when making an appointment and a doctor can call you discuss options prior to your visit.

Health Certificates

All pets are required by State law to have a certificate of health for interstate travel. This ensures that no animals with infections travel around the country- potentially spreading disease to other animals. Not all airlines check these certificates for every flight, but all check stations (especially at the borders), all airport USDA enforcement, and most reputable hotels require proof of health and vaccination- as current rabies vaccines are required by all states for most pets. We are pleased to be able to provide these valuable certificates. Also, if your pet has been examined recently, he or she may be eligible for a discounted office visit!

Senior Care

Our pets are living longer and fuller lives with the help of modern medicine. Amazingly, by 7 years of age, our pets are considered seniors. These pets should be examined twice yearly and a full preventative plan for wellness can be tailored for each patient. Cardiac (heart), renal (kidney), glaucoma/cataracts (eye), and many other specifics can be bundled into our senior wellness program.

If you are scheduling a senior visit—please fast your pet that morning and try to obtain a fresh urine sample (we can get it in the hospital if you are unable). These two easy steps can provide invaluable information and allow for more accurate and convenient testing!

Scottsdale Vet Services Senior Care

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