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The holistic approach to medicine looks at connection and balance. We are all connected to each other and our environment. Disease occurs when there is an imbalance in the mind, body or environment. Symptoms are seen as a clue to the deeper, root problem. The goal of therapy is to re-establish balance and assist the body to heal.

Since the gut provides the foundation of health, diet is always discussed, and gut support is often recommended even if signs to don’t appear to be coming from the gut.

Dr. Williamson uses an integrative approach, meaning that Dr. Williamson will use the best of both traditional and holistic approaches.

  • The physical exam is very similar to any other physical exam, but the history is generally more in depth.
  • Since clinical signs are viewed as clues to a deeper imbalance, questions will be used to try to find relationships that will help to uncover the root cause.
  • Laboratory testing may be used to determine vitamin imbalances, level of inflammation and gut microbiome heath.
  • Treatment is designed to support the body’s natural ability to heal while alleviating discomfort.
Herbal Therapy

Herbs can be used as substitutes for some pharmaceuticals including pain medications, but they are often also used to help establish balance and assist the body’s natural healing capacity.
Herbal and nutritional supplements generally have fewer (or no) side effects compared to pharmaceutical medications.

Herbal supplements should always come from a reputable source. Animal Essentials has been providing herbal therapies for pets for 24 years. Their supplements have passed the rigorous evaluation of the National Animal Supplement Council, NASC. They are passionate about choosing sustainably source ingredients that are organic whenever possible.

Nutritional Therapy

This may include specific nutrient therapies, diet recommendations or individualized, fully balanced diet formulations for your pet.

The gut is the foundation of health, so what goes into it is very important. Food should provide nutrition in a form and type that is appropriate for your pet.

A balanced gut microbiome; the bacteria, fungi and viruses that live in your pet’s gut, provide nutrients, balance inflammation and support your pet’s health. But when it becomes unbalanced, it can create symptoms and disease that may appear in any part of the body. Proper food is important to keep the microbiome happy, healthy and balanced.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is used for pain management, wound healing and inflammation control.

Laser light therapy eases pain by stimulating endorphin release, stabilizing nerve cell membranes and relaxing muscles. It decreases inflammation by improving blood and lymphatic flow and decreasing inflammatory prostaglandins. Wound healing improves due to increased energy (ATP) production within the cells, increased rate of cellular division and collagen production and activation of repair cells.

Laser therapy also stimulates formation of capillaries, the smallest blood vessels that deliver nutrients direction to the cells. It can speed the re-absorption of hematomas.

It can even reduce the formation of scar tissue and change already existing scar tissue into healthier, more normal skin. And it stimulates white blood cell activity to help with immune regulation.

By stimulating acupuncture and trigger points, laser can give many of the benefits of acupuncture without the needles.

Cold Laser therapy is used for pain management, wound healing and inflammation control. We use laser therapy for arthritis pain, back pain and inflammation, slow healing or extensive skin lesions, severe ear infections and many more conditions.

The frequency of therapy will depend upon the condition being treated. For some conditions daily therapy is needed in the early stages, for others weekly treatments can be very effective. Our doctors will discuss the best options for your pet. Most conditions will require at least 6 sessions, so packages can be purchased.

Laser is simply coherent light of a single wavelength that is focused. The value of light therapy has been known since the 6th century B.C. when it was understood that sunlight was needed for normal bone growth. But it wasn’t until 1906 when Nils Finsen won the Nobel prize for treating surgical tuberculosis, rickets and lupus vulgaris with ultraviolet light, that investigation into the true therapeutic potential of light therapy was born.

Laser therapy came to Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union and China in the 1970’s when an oral surgeon found that laser light therapy worked better for local anesthesia for dental extraction than medication. B the 1980’s laser therapy spread to Western Europe and the U.S and is now a standard therapeutic modality for many conditions in people.

We are excited to add this very effective, non-invasive, safe therapy to your options for helping your furry friend reach his or her optimal health.

It was amazing to see the results of the cold laser treatment on my 10 year old puggle, Fitzgerald. He had been suffering from back pain and we did a series of six treatments on him. He appeared to experience pain relief almost immediately! Whenever we finished a treatment, he tried to jump in and out of the car, instead of using the steps, which he would never do otherwise. We purchased a second round of treatments to ensure recovery, and he continues to improve. We are so appreciative of the care he has received at McDowell Mountain Animal Hospital!

-Amy Wagner


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